Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Haze...Again

As the haze cover Singapore in its smokey embrace, ministers in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia are playing political football with each other. Each country is trying deflect blame for the choking haze that has surrounded the region as they talk, I shall say what everyone knows; in the end, nothing will be done.

The haze is not something new. Every year when it's time for the farmers and land-owners in Indonesia to clear land for the upcoming planting season, the haze will come. It's just a matter of how serious it will be. This year, the haze is bad and that's why we have ministers in 3 countries going at it. No one want to be blamed for it but it's not a new thing. The haze has happened before, and it will come again because too much money is involved.

Indonesian farmer and giant palm oil companies use the “slash and burn” method of clearing land as its the cheapest way to do so. In their goal for maximum profits, does anyone truly believe they will stop doing it next year or the year after? No, it's just not going to happen.


Anonymous said...

Going by the intensity of the haze, must be a LOT more palm oil being grown in Indonesia

Ghost said...

In their quest for more money, truly it's a case of anything goes.