Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The "Fables" Movie

I don’t know about this. As a fan of comics, I’m always interested when a comic series get turned into a movie or a TV series. Having said that, I find myself wondering if plans to turn DC/Vertigo’s “Fables” into a movie is a good idea.

Now there had been rumors that the long-running series would have a film or television series adaption for a long time now. In 2004 (almost 10 years ago), Warner Bros. tried to develop a “Fables” film. In 2008, a television version was planned. Both plans were abandoned and “Fables” continued on in comics only.

Now a new movie project on “Fables” is being floated and while good news for fans; I have to wonder if it’s such a good idea. The problem is that “Fables” is a story of fairytale characters like Snow White, Prince Charming, Big Bad Wolf being ousted from their magic homelands and being forced to take refuge in New York City.

If you think it sounds suspiciously like the TV show “Once Upon A Time”, you’re not wrong. When “Once Upon A Time” was showed, a lot of comic fans accused it of being a rip-off of “Fables”. However if a movie of Fables is made now, non-comic fans would probably accused “Fables” of being the rip-off!

Although created by Bill Willingham in 2002 (well before “Once Upon A Time” was made), “Fables” is practically unknown to the general public. Unless you follow comics, you probably never even heard of the series. If the movie in 2004 or the TV series in 2008 were made, then I would say they were great ideas but not now. As a comic fan, I would rather “Fables” be a comics only then be perceived as rip-off of a TV show. 

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