Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Great Prize

For those who didn’t know, there is (or was) an iOS game called Curiosity. A puzzle game created by Peter Molyneux (Black & White, Fables) and his studio, 22Cans, it’s an online game where people tried to destroy cubes to reveal a prize in the middle of the puzzle.

Molyneux had promised that the person who solved the puzzle would win for himself a great mystery prize and when Bryan Henderson from Scotland destroyed the final cubes, the prize was announced. Henderson won the ability to be God over everyone else in 22Cans' next game, Godus! In simple terms, Henderson will intrinsically decide on the rules that the new game, Godus, is played on!

No doubt this was a marketing ploy, but to beat a game and then becomes God in another game? That’s a great idea! Sounds like the perfect prize for gamers everywhere. 

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