Friday, June 28, 2013

Hello Kitty

As a collector of comics, I like to think I can understand the feelings of collectors. However, there are collectors and there are Singaporeans Hello Kitty collectors.

When McDonalds came out with their latest Hello Kitty promotion, Singaporeans were expecting overnight queues by desperate Singaporeans to getting these cute plushie but the reality is even worse than our worst expectations. With cameras everywhere nowadays, numerous videos had already been posted showing Singaporeans at their worst.

Sleepless Singaporeans inflicted by Hello Kitty madness has been hell on poor McDonald staff as they “need” to get their hands on extra Hello Kitty. So with that in mind, I call on McDonald to give their staff a raise in this period.

With the extra profits they got from mad Singaporeans, a little extra something should be given to their front-line staff member. From the videos I had seen, they fully deserved it. 


Anonymous said...

well, did MacDonald apply for a police permit for the "assembly" of more than one people..

What do the police think about this....

Ghost said...

You are seriously asking for a police permit to have a queue? I hope it never comes to that.