Monday, June 3, 2013

Win Everything

Now when Manchester City fired Roberto Mancini last month, I said on this blog it was a stupid decision. As manager of the team, the man had his team finishing first and second in his two full seasons. He also got them into the Champions League for 3 straight years and got them a FA Cup.

Despite all this, he was still fired.

I still say it was an unjust firing but at least now we know why. With Malaga manager Manuel Pellegrini almost certain to take over, Manchester City Arab owners have gave his his job description. Win Everything!

Yes, that's the job description! Pellegrini needs to win everything. Now the man may be a respected coach, but to win everything? Champions League, English Premiership, FA Cup and...well, everything else? Man, I almost feel sorry for the man. Mancini may be the lucky man just for getting out of that crazy club. 

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