Thursday, June 13, 2013

Comics this week

Demon Knights #21- Oh, another one of my series is been cancelled! Ever since Paul Cornell and Diogenes Neves were taken off the series, I had feared this and although writer Robert Venditti and artist Bernard Chang did their best, the difference between the two team’s works was too great. However with a few more issues to go and the Holy Grail storyline coming to a close, hopefully Venditti will wrap things up nicely. Demon Knights is a series that deserved that at least.

Threshold #6- Oh, another one of my series is been cancelled! I know; it’s a trend this week. However unlike Demon Knights which was given a good run, Threshold was never given a chance. The news that Threshold was been cancelled came from DC a week after #5 came out. This meant the decision to cancel the series came within 4 issues of the debut. A new series starting mainly new characters and writer Keith Griffen was given just 4 issues? That is why I say this series was never given a chance. If it had, this series had the potential to be great.

Constantine #4- After having Constantine running around the world chasing magical artifacts, writers Jeff Lemire & Ray Fawkes slowed things down by showing John Constantine on his day off. Of course a typical day in the life of John Constantine consists of getting beaten by thugs, warning an angry ex that her childhood friend is now a murderer, and allying himself with the meanest, bloodiest, most brutal magical player in New York in order to fight an even greater threat. Yes, this is the typical day of John Constantine and this is why this was a bloody good issue.

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