Monday, June 17, 2013

Expected Anger

Just last month, I blogged about several Singapore government ministers publicly commenting that have an university degree is no necessary for a good life in Singapore. I also commented how Singaporean parents will ignore the comments and still make their kids strive for that (still) all-important degree.

Several people commented on my post on 26/5 (totally-ignored) on how angry Singaporeans are about the comments by the ministers. Now I may agree with the notion that there’s no need of that many Singaporeans degrees holders (due to the influx of foreigners with degrees coming into Singapore), I do understand why so many Singaporeans are angry.

Anyone who don’t just need to look at the latest Ministry of Education/Singapore Airlines Youth Scholarship for Indian Students. A Singapore government ministry and a Singapore linked-company are offering a scholarship for Indian-born youths to study in Singapore. Just to sweeten the pie, the scholarship offers an annual allowance of S$2,400 with hostel accommodation, a one-off "settling-in allowance" of S$500, coverage of school fees, coverage of GCE ‘A’ Level examination fees, and even  a return economy class air ticket! 

Oh, and in an expensive healthcare country like Singapore, the scholarship also offers subsidized medical benefits and even accident insurance cover! All these on a scholarship offered to foriegners when, at the same time, Singaporean ministers are trying to discourage Singaporean students from ITE and Polytechnics from local universities.

If the government had tried to do one of these two things, then maybe there could be some leeway for them. However they did both of them together and when you do that, needless to say, the anger of Singaporeans is something that should be expected.


Anonymous said...

Well, what does our MPs (PAP/WP) had to say about this....

What are they there in Parliament for...rubber stamp..

Anonymous said...

My friend who is teaching in the local university said she is tasked to teach these foreign scholars English bridging courses. This bridging courses are paid for ?

Another friend who is working in a local uni's legal department shared that there are substantial number of these foreign scholars who has gone missing after they are posted to western country for xchange programs.

And there is nothing we can do about it legally or otherwise.

How are the authourity accountable for such investment ? If we do not discuss these among the knows., all these will not be reported in the msm ??

Food for thoughts.

Ghost said...

I would expect that the English course are paid for. It'll be stupid to offer them all these benefits and not give lessons on simple English right?