Monday, June 24, 2013

Joint Statement

As Singaporeans complain about on the haze which topped to 401 PSI, let’s all spare a thought for our neighbors in Malaysia. With the PSI reading topping 700, Malaysia has declared a state of emergency in two southern districts and basically closed down the coastal towns of Muar and Ledang.

With the haze reaching hazardous levels in both Malaysia and Singapore, perhaps it’s time for both Malaysia and Singapore to give a joint statement to Indonesia. The cause of the haze is the forest fires in Indonesia and despite numerous calls from ministers in Singapore and Malaysia, Indonesia has been unable (or unwilling) to put out the fires causing the haze.

Since private statements are not working, then the next diplomatic step would be a joint statement from both Singapore and Malaysia. Yes, I agree Indonesia would probably ignore a joint call as well but it wouldn't hurt and a joint statement has a better chance of reaching the ears of Indonesia than what we are doing now.

After all if talking doesn't work, you need to either shut up or use a bigger microphone. Since both the Malaysian and Singapore government can't keep quiet with the haze still around, it's time to use a bigger microphone. 


Anonymous said...

Makes me wonder where you have been all this while.Despite the usual declarations by Singapore that our relations with Malaysia are good with this and that joint venture, the latest being Iskandar, the real feelings of the Malaysian government towards us is cool at best. No thanks to LKY and our constant boasting.

Anonymous said...

we are all adults here and so let us not pretend or carry on any more "political correct" stories here - everyone in malaysia basically wants S'pore to die or disappear from this current haze problem so that malaysia can take over (permanently) the economic position of S'pore (the so called iskandar malaysia economic region is a good example.)

Ghost said...

Our feelings for each other does not matter. Both countries are suffering from the haze and the Indonesians are ignoring both of us. After all, neither country have nothing to lose with a joint statement.