Friday, September 19, 2014

Cameron Should Resign

The Scots have voted and Scotland will stay within the United Kingdom. With a vote of 55% to 45%, Scotland had spurned independence in a historic referendum that threatened to rip the United Kingdom apart.

I must say I’m surprised. I thought the Scots would vote for independence because…well, they’re not going to get this chance ever again. However this is their choice and I respect that. However what really surprised me is the fact that British Prime Minister Cameron still has a job.

While the British cheered, kissed and drink in celebration, I have to say I’m surprised no one has told Prime Minister Cameron to quit yet. Now I’m all for letting people vote for their future but this referendum was a stupid political gamble that backfired royally. I understand when Cameron made the promise of the referendum, there were more than enough reason to think it would be an easy win for him but guess what; he was wrong!

Opinion polls showing support for Scottish independence was so high that Cameron had to pledge to grant more powers to Scotland if they stayed in the kingdom. Even the Queen was roped in, touring Scotland almost non-stop before the vote. 

So letting the referendum go on a vote was a misstep that almost became an epic historic mistake for the U.K. From the outside looking in, I have to wonder how in world the British people are letting Cameron get away with this. Even with the win, he should go.

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