Thursday, September 25, 2014

Comics this week

Sinestro Futures End #1- After a series of yawn inducing Futures End tie-in, I finally hit one that’s worth something. As expected, the future of Sinestro is a dark one with the Korugarian in prison and without his ring. Most of the issue is on his prison break but the most interesting part of the issue is Sinestro’s flashback of how he got into prison in the first place. The fleeting success he had as well as his reconciliation with Soranik are great teasers and the eventual fate of the Yellow Lanterns? Great!

Red Lantern Futures End #1- Angry white man, Guy Gardener, as a Blue Lantern? Ok, I admit this issue didn’t quite work but the premise is strange enough and interesting enough to get me reading to the end. The story of Guy,  Bleeze and Rankorr is a tad by the numbers but while it’s nothing great, it was interesting enough to make me look forward to see how/if the writers will go about making this version of the future come true. 

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