Wednesday, September 3, 2014

GTA V Coming to PC

Late last week word began to circulate that the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V was in big trouble because "Rockstar (the maker of the game) never wanted to release a PC version." Fans were so incensed that some even hack a marketing firm's website in protest.

Rockstar quickly came up with a public statement saying the PC version of the game is still safe and sound and will come out in "fall 2014". My two cents worth; GTA V will come out on PC, but if it does not…who are we fans to stop Rockstar if they want to destroy their own franchise?

Honestly, I just do not get why developers and publishers don’t go on PC. Yes, I know Sony and Microsoft give goods deals to developers and publishers for exclusive rights to their games but I never understood why they would want to shut out a good portion of the gaming population by doing that.

Take for example the “Infamous” franchise. The latest installment of the franchise, “Infamous: Second Son” was very good. I played a few minutes of it at a demo and was very impressed. However will I go buy a PS 4 just to play it? Not a chance! That is why no matter how good of a game they make, the “Infamous” franchise will never reached the heights of say “Assassin Creed” or “The Elder Scrolls”.

By virtue of the fact they are on all platforms, those franchises will always be bigger than “Infamous”. It’s a simple case of numbers. So I’m not worried about Rockstar not putting the game on PC. Suicide is just not in their interest.

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