Thursday, September 18, 2014

Comics this week

Deadly Class #7- After a short break, writer Rick Remender bring us back to assassin school with an issue that starts slow before ramping it up at the end. The gang is still suffering the fallout of Chico’s attempted hit on Marcus with Saya trying to find Chico’s body and Maria suffering a breakdown. Not helping matters for Marcus is the fact that both girls now have their eyes on him and a love triangle is blossoming here. Yeah, this is a school for assassins, being a psycho killer is a good thing here. I won’t say this is a great start to the second story arc but after the first 6 issues, Remender and artist Wes Craig get some leeway from me. Welcome back class!

Justice League Futures End #1- By now, almost everyone is in agreement that Future’s End is a terrible event. Justice League Futures End does not change that. It seems that 5 years from now, only Cyborg is left on the team with the rest of the team comes from JL United and JLA. Give me back Jessica Cruz, Lex Luthor, and Batman please.

Superior Spider-Man #33- One of the main (and best) thing about Superior Spider-Man is what a superior jerk Otto is as Spider-Man. Insufferable as Doc Octopus, Otto Octavius became insufferable x10 in the young, agile body of Peter Parker. There's plenty more of Otto the jerk in this issue, especially towards his follow Spider-Men. While fun to read, what was really good about this issue was how writer Dan Slott & Christos Gage expanded the story and increased the danger and challenges facing the Spiders. As powerful as Morlun is, it’s hard to imagine you needing 30+ Spider-men to take him down. So letting him have a family and fleshing them out solve that problem neatly. So far, the Spider-Verse event looks very promising. 

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