Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Wish You Well, Nicole Seah!

3 years ago, Nicole Seah became the face of the National Solidarity Party (NSP) when they fielded her in the 2011 General Elections. Ms. Seah was young, fresh and (let’s admit it) good-looking. However 3 years after she burst on to the political scene, Ms. Seah announced that she is leaving the NSP.

Now a lot has been written about her leaving the NSP but I can’t see why this came as a surprise to anyone. She is not the first virgin candidate from GE 2011 to leave. Others like Vincent Wijeysingha and Tan Jee Say have left the political scene already and it can be argued that they were bigger and brighter names than Ms. Seah. Also, to her credit, Ms. Seah has been giving the heads up to Singapore about her choice to leave politics before her public announcement.

So I think Singaporeans need to quit harping on the issue. Yes, the loss of Nicole Seah is a blow to politics in Singapore but it’s hardly a big one. She may come back and even if she didn’t, others will step up to fill the void. Every election will bring new faces to the political scene. It happens every time and this is not something that’s going to stop.

So let’s wish Ms. Seah well on her future endeavors and move on people. It’s not the end of the world for anyone. 

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