Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Due To Man

For over than 140 million years, they have been swimming in the Yangtze River. However, now it seems that the Chinese sturgeon will soon be no more.

This comes as no surprise as rising levels of pollution and the construction of dozens of dams along the Yangtze has seem a decreased in the number of Chinese sturgeons in the river since the 1980s. Now, it is estimated only there are only around 100 fish left.

Not only that, Chinese researchers also found no young sturgeons swimming along the Yangtze toward the sea during the period they usually do so. Worse is the fact that they believed that no wild sturgeon reproduced naturally last year in the Yangtze River. All the young ones were artificially-bred by Chinese researchers in a last ditch effort to prevent the sturgeons extinction. That is just not enough in the face of pollution and the dams. 

So it seems all but certain that the Chinese sturgeon will follow the Baiji dolphin, a native species of dolphins in the Yangtze, in going extinct. 140 million years, and gone due to the action of man. 


Anonymous said...

It would seem China is doing quite a lot of environmental damage. Consider all this dead fish in the Johor Straits where a Chinese company is reclaiming land in a joint-venture with a Malaysian company. The worst part about this venture is that the sultan, who should know better, doesn't care. He's looking only at $$$$s.

Ghost said...

Money talks. What else is new?