Friday, September 5, 2014

The New Secret Six

When the New 52 started, a whole host of comic books got cancelled. Chief among them, and arguably the best among them, was the Secret Six. Gail Simone's team of villainous henchmen was a big hit with fans but was unfortunately cancelled (abruptly I might add) to make way for the New 52.

After too long of a wait, DC finally did the sensible thing and have order a new Secret Six comic. Not only that, they are going to let Gail Simone write the series again! Now that’s wonderful news, especially the fact that Simone has already announced fan-favorite Thomas Blake aka Catman, will be on the team. Unfortunately, he’s the only one of the original team members to be on the new team but it’s better than nothing. After all, who even heard of Catman, Ragdoll, or even Scandal Savage before the first series?

Here’s hoping lighting will strike twice for Gail Simone. Now if only DC will order a new Black Adam series…

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