Thursday, September 4, 2014

Comics this week

Justice League #33- With the rest of DC struck behind the thus far unimpressive Futures End tie-ins, we can thank the comic gods that Justice League is so far behind schedule. This is arguably the best JL issue we had in some time. As the JLA battle the Doom Patrol for the new Power Ring, Jessica Cruz, the meat of the issue is the battle between Lex Luthor, Niles Caulder, and Batman. Three brilliant men, each mad in their own way, duke it out to see who can save the day while battles are going on all around them. It would have been hilarious if writer Geoff Johns and artist Doug Mahnke didn’t hit everything right, and that last page between Superman and Lex? It’s one for the ages!

Moon Knight #7- Writer Warren Ellis and artist Delcan Shalvey have left the building and in comes Brian Wood (writer) and Greg Smallwood (artist). To their credit, the two newcomers didn’t miss a beat. Take the interaction between Mr. Knight and the beat cop; that's totally something Ellis would write and Wood nailed it! Maybe colorist Jordie Bellaire should also take credit here but I hardly missed Ellis and Shalvey in this issue. Considering their great work thus far, that took so doing.

Original Sin #8- Sigh! Original Sin had its moments early on, but the eventual need for action finally spoilt what had been an interesting murder mystery. I think that when writer Jason Aaron looks back at his work in the future, he would see this as a missed chance for greatness here. The big reveal about the identity of the murderer was a joke. I saw the thing coming 3-4 issues ago and even the reasoning behind the murder doesn’t make sense. He “had” to kill the Watcher because…he don’t have time to do some detective work? Original Sin had a good start but the last few issues were total crap.

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