Thursday, June 7, 2007

Another UNSW?

A few weeks after the UNSW egg on our face, there's another omelette on the way. Students of Froebel Academy were shocked to find their school premises locked after the private school in Park Mall was inundated with complaints from its students the day before.

Seems that these students had completed their course already, but have not received their certificates from the academy. The students demanded their certificates or their money back; one day later, the school was locked.

Now the school has issued a statement stating that it's not closing and that the management is committed to continue with classes for its present batch of students. Okay, but who would go to class now? Why go to class if you are not sure if you can get a cert out of it?

What's worse is that Froebel Academy come with some big names on it. At least you can say that UNSW was new in Singapore; you cannot say that here. Froebel Academy is accredited by both the Education Ministry and the Community, Youth and Sports Ministry. It even has the CASE TRUST status awarded to it by CASE. Some of the Froebel Academy students even received help with their school fees from the Workforce Development Agency. Others are under the NTUC's Surrogate Employers Plan where NTUC pays part of their school fees.

All big names in Singapore, and all can't help the students now. After UNSW, now this. If even a school backed by the MOE and NTUC can close down, I wonder if this is but the tip of the iceberg here. Let's not invited any more schools into Singapore until we get our own house in order. This is just embrassing.


Anonymous said...

Jeanie Lee has done it again. She has stuffed up every company she has been involved in. When is the Sinapore goverment going to wake up to this evil woman. She is a horrible person and such a bad advert for Singapore. She is going to get what she deserves soon surely.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie Lee is a disgrace to Singapore. She is a disgrace to the human race. How many people will she rip off and destroy before someone acts. Wake up Singapore and give her what she deserves.I will reveal many things about this deceitful excuse for a human being very soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey can someone check Jeanie Lee's background ? how many companies has she had go under. For gods sake wake up Singapore and check her out. Those poor students that have been ripped off, it is so wrong and so unfair.