Monday, June 4, 2007

Dragon Avenger by E.E Knight

Dragon Champion tell the coming-of-age story of the dragon Auron. In the the second Age of Fire novel, Dragon Avenger, it tells the story of Wistala, sister to Auron.

When her young family is betrayed, Auron sacrificed himself so that she may live. Wistala then travelled north, to find her father AuRel. While nursing the badly wounded AuRel back to health, a dragon hunter called Dragonblade showed up. For the second time, a member of her family scarificed himself to save Wistala. Running for her life, Wistala vow vengeance. Befriended by the elf Rainfall of Hypatia, Wistala slowly matures and gained the wisdom to put her plans into motion. In the midst of her vengence, she also find out why her family was betrayed by the Wheel of Fire dwarves and became determined to avenge the slaughter of her family.

Like Dragon Champion, Avenger is told from a dragon point-of-view. Unfortunately, Wistala is nowhere as interesting as Auron. Also at the end of the book, an action by Wistala was just totally wrong. If you lived your whole life for vengeance, would you give it up when it's just a jaw away? That's what happened! It was as if E.E Knight forgot about Wistala and wrote the ending for some other dragon.

Overall, this is a passable if slightly disappointing book. Wistala was interesting enough to get me to keep turning the pages, but not so interesting for me to ignore the flaws in this book. Read Dragon Champion. It's much better.

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