Tuesday, June 12, 2007

More trouble at Froebel

A week after several students filed a complaint againest Froebel Academy for not giving them their course certificates, now several teachers from embattled private school have filed claims with the Manpower Ministry (MOM) for alleged salary arrears.

One of the teachers is an former part-time Mandarin teacher who said that the school owes her about S$24,000 which had not been paid her since November. MOM says that it is looking into the allegations.

Here's a suggestion: Look faster.

Frobel Academy is already under investigation by the Education Ministry following the complaints from the students, and now this. Something is wrong with the school, and in light of the UNSW nonsense a month ago, it will be better for Singapore if the MOM get to the bottem of this ASAP. If not, it might/will be the death keel of the Singapore eduaction hub plan.

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