Saturday, June 16, 2007

Comics this week

Countdown #46- After the massive 52, there was always a danger that DC will cash in and just dish out a run-of-the-mill story to keep the weekly formula going. Thus far, Countdown is not run-of-the-mill but it is going downhill. Case in point, this week we see Jason Todd and Donna Troy got the shit beaten out of them and I do not care. It doesn't help that we still have no idea why they are so dangerous to the world. What's worse is the fact that I thick the Forerunner is a stupid idea in the first place. The rogue Monitor need a secret weapon...FOR WHAT? He is as powerful as Superman, why can't he kill Jason Todd (a second-rate Batman) and Donna Troy (a third-rate Wonder Woman) on his own? Holly Robinson, the Flash Rogues, and Jimmy Olsen are just coasting along with their own stories. The saving grace is Mary Marvel, or to be more exact Pharyngula, the Harvester of Stillborn Souls. This creepy villain is the coolest character to appear in Countdown so far, one of the best new characters I've seen in a long time. I mean when Mary punches him, dead baby fetuses fall off his body. That was just so sick! But one cool (short) section is not enough to save this issue. Countdown isn't a bad series, but it is in 52's shadow and thus far, it has not measured up.

Nova #3- The inevitable confrontation between Nova and the man who was once Speedball. Great idea on paper, but way too short. This issue is taken up by a clash between Nova and The Thunderbolts. At the end of it all, Nova got his ass back to space. Hopefully, he will stay there. I'm not too taken with this trip back home storyline. It's interesting and does have its moments, but it was much more fun seeing Nova in space during Annihilation. With Conquest coming up, it looks like Nova will be staying in space for a while. Good news for this series.

Stormwatch PHD #8- The Wildstorm relaunch has been terrible. Some books are late, others have just disappeared from the shelves. Only 2 books have come out regularly, the terrible 'Midnighter' and the good 'Stormwatch PHD'. A fan of the first Stormwatch series, I gave the series a try and was surprised. It is actually quite good. But the problem was that it seems that we were watching the Stormwatch B-Team (we were). This issue addressed this by showing Winter, Fuji and gang, but the focus was still on PHD. That's a good thing and I like that Dr.Shaw finally have something to do outside showing fear and wetting his pants. Now if only WildCATS #2 will show up.

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