Monday, June 18, 2007

The toothless cub

A case of taiji that shows how useless and toothless CASE has become. The Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) said it had raised the issue of StarHub Cable TV's price hike to the Competition Commission, and would leave it to them to investigate the matter.

Here's a question. What the hell is the Competition Commission? CASE President Yeo Guat Kwang said that CASE was not against price increases, as long as companies justified the increases. Really? Isn't that what CASE was built for? When Singaporeans first came to know of CASE, it was a tiger that went after companies for price increases. More importantly, it asked uncomfortable questions that most (if not all) companies found hard to answer. You will not see this form of taiji from them. A change of management at the top and CASE turned from a tiger to a cub.

Mr Yeo said that the companies and service providers should consider the sentiments of consumers and give consumers the right to opt out if they are unhappy with the service. Maybe Mr. Yeo should give the same options to consumers unhappy with CASE.


Hachiko Monogatari said...

Maybe CASE should denote Consumers Are Sidelined (or Supplanted) Eventually.

CASE still IS a tiger. A paper tiger that is... Like the locals would say, just "wayang".

Ghost said...

Consumers Are Sidelined (or Supplanted) Eventually. That's great! I loved that one. (And it is true)