Saturday, June 2, 2007

Comics this week

Countdown #48- Countdown did not start with a bang this time, mainly because nothing much happen here. #48 was basically a set-up issue, even the death of Lightray was handled with more questions than answers. Lightwho? Yes, he may be a New God but Lightray was like Duela Dent, another obscure player in the DC Universe. Though the circumstances of the death, a mysterious series of explosions over Metropolis, Jimmy Olsen's superspeed and Lightray's death scream, were pretty interesting.
We also get throwaway scenes involving Karate Kid and Starman, Jason Todd and Donna Troy which adds nothing to the overall story. Okay, I'm confused. Is this Jason Todd or some other guy pretending to be Jason Todd? This character does not even begin to tally with the Jason Todd in the Batman and Teen Titans comics.
As usual, the best scenes this week involves Black Adam and Mary Marvel. We find out that Black Adam think his powers are more of a curse than a blessing and warned Mary of the dangers of her quest. Black Adam warning Mary Marvel to be careful? I thought this storyline was called "Seduction of the Innocent"? Here I was hoping Black Adam and Mary Marvel know. Well there's 47 issues to go, so there's still hope for that.

Silver Surfer: Requiem #1- I was never a surfer fan, but with the tagline of "The Silver Surfer is dying", it got my attention. The actual news was held off till the last page of this issue, but the mood of the issue was one of doom from the start. We see the reactions of the Surfer's friends to the news and it's not pretty. I alway thought Micheal Straczynski was an overrated writer but his writing was very good in this issue. However, he will have to answer a big question as the series go on. Why don't the Silver Surfer just find Galactus? The question to that better be a good one.

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