Thursday, June 21, 2007

We are defeated!

I remember when the haze first started in Singapore, there was so much talk about stopping it and making sure it will never affect Singapore again. After years of fruitless effort, that has offically been thrown out the window.

The haze period is slated to start in about two weeks and forest fires in parts of Indonesia are largely the cause of the transboundary haze. Farmers are preparing to clear their lands using the inexpensive slash-and-burn method, which will inevitably lead to forest fires.

Representatives from five Asean countries – Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia – are in Jambi to attend a meeting of the sub-regional steering committee on the transboundary haze pollution. Indonesia has promised to reduce its hotspots by 50 per cent this year and Indonesia will update its immediate neighbours of its progress towards achieving this objective.

See they aren't going to stop the haze as it will be a useless effort, they are going to trying to lower the damage the haze will bring. Yes, get those masks out. The haze is here to stay because everyone has admitted defeat already. Haze 1, Asean 0.

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