Friday, June 8, 2007

Cavs vs Spurs: It will be ugly

Can LeBron James led the Cleveland Cavaliers past Tim Duncan's Spurs? Can Bruce Bowen stop LeBron? Can Daniel Gibson keep up with Tony Parker? All questions that will be answered when the Cleveland Cavaliers meet up with the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals. But no matter what the answers are, there's one thing I know for sure: This will be one ugly series.

The Cavs may have LeBron, but the reason they are in the Finals is because of their defence. They held the Pistons to low scores throughout the Eastern Finals and that is not going to change againest the Spurs. LeBron also best be ready for some rough treatment. The Spurs have already proven that they're not above taking out the star player of the other team to win. Steve Nash and the Suns got the treatment, LeBron best be ready.

In short, don't expect a high scoring series or any run-and-gun. A lot of half-court defence, a lot of free-throws and the Spurs winning the whole thing. As good as LeBron is, I just can't see the Spurs losing this one. Duncan and the Spurs just have too much poise, experience and weapons to lose to the one-trick pony that is the Cavs. Spurs in either 4 or 5 games.

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