Tuesday, June 5, 2007

An over-reaction?

The funny Singapore courts stikes again. A few weeks ago, a man punches another man in public. The man who got punched naturally made a police report. To his shock, the police refused to take any action on the incident. You punch a man in public and can get away with it.

You make a crank phone in Singapore, and you can get 44 months. An India-born Canadian citizen was sentenced to 44 months imprisonment by a Singapore court for making hoax calls, claiming terrorists planned to crash an Air India plane departing here for New Delhi. This is even tougher than February, when a 21 year-old man was sentenced to 3 months over an online bomb hoax.

Okay, these guys are idiots. Total morons to do this at this time and age, but 44 months! That is too much. I know Singapore is very worried to avoid unnecessary public anxiety but 44 months is an over-reaction. If Singapore over-react, then we are basically handing a victory to these idiots. Singapore should be safe, but we must not over-react to these things. If we do, then anxiety will increase as people will retreat into seige mode. And with Singapore's need for trade, that will not be a good thing. Punish these morons, but let's not over-react to everything.

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