Friday, June 29, 2007

Comics this week

Countdown #44- The big moment this week in Countdown is the death of the latest Flash, Bart Allen. There's only one problem here. The 'event' happened in the Flash book, and guess what? I don't collect or read the Flash. The Trickster/Piper storyline is part of the whole Countdown being the spine of the DCU angle, but how am I to feel for these two misguided fugitives when I haven't even seen what they did yet. At least with Duela Dent and Lightray, we saw what happened to them. A big name died and we didn't even see it. How is Countdown to be a 'spine' of anything when we don't see what had happened?
This week's other development is how Monarch conviced Forerunner to join him againest the Monitors. The way it was done was almost laughable. The most interesting moment in this issue comes not surprisingly in the Mary Marvel storyline. The hostile conversation between Billy Batson and Mary Marvel over the status of Mary's Black Adam powers. It's short but good. Too bad about the rest of the issue.

Silver Surfer: Requiem #2- Like I've said before, I'm not a fan of the Silver Surfer. Spiderman explained part of the reason why; An alien who ride the spaceways on a surfboard? What can I say, it's sound stupid. But sometimes stupid ideas just works, like this issue. We got to see the Silver Surfer's ideologies and effect on Earth. The Surfer's analysis of our world was spot on and ask why would anyone sacrifice his or her life fighting for a race so intent on fighting each other. I had stated before that I felt J. Michael Straczynski was over-rated but boy, did he nail the Surfer or what! Beautiful.

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