Saturday, June 9, 2007

NBA Finals: Game 1

I blogged earlier that the NBA Finals between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the San Antonio Spurs will be one ugly series. Boy, was I right or what!

The Spurs got an easy 85-76 victory over the Cavaliers in Game 1, mainly due to good defence on their part and a bad show on the part of LeBron James. The Spurs kept the Cleveland superstar under total control and they held James to just 14 points. In contrast, Tim Duncan finished with 24 points, 13 rebounds and five blocks. One word; big stage experience. Okay, that's 3 words but you get the picture.

Bruce Bowen was on LeBron, but it was a team effort. 2-3 guys on him whether LeBron even tried to get to the rim. LeBron just couldn't solve the Spur's puzzle. But the biggest problem Cavs had was Tony Parker. He got whatever he wanted yesterday and the Cavs got no one who even looked like they could slow him down.

He and Duncan was the brightest lights in a otherwise terrible game. I can understand if the game was boring due to great defence but there was good defence, not great. People was just missing shots (lay-ups, put-backs you name it) left, right and centre. The Cavs top scorer was Daniel Gibson with 16 miserable points. Only 3 Spurs players got more than 10.

I heard that the game drew the lowest rating ever in America for an opening NBA Finals game in prime time; guys the only thing you missed was a bad game. If the Cavs and Spurs keep this up, even I might miss the rest of the series. That was how bad it was. Terrible!

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