Thursday, June 28, 2007

Let's not blame everyone

Singaporeans lived very ordered lives. So ordered that when accidents happened, they must have a reason, they must have something or someone to blame. The spoon-fed Singaporeans has struck again.

Most people in Singapore has heard of the tragic death of Thaddeus Cheong. Cheong was taking part in a triathlon and finished 6th in the race. After the race, he died. A lack of a defibrillator and ambulance on standby was cited as one of the reasons the teenager's life could not be saved. Now the Traithlon Association of Singapore is being blamed for causing Cheong's death as there were no medical personnel on site, and Cheong has to be rushed to hospital by one of the association's staff. Criticised for the lack of proper safety measures, the TAS has since met the Sports Council to come up with some guidelines.

So they are blamed even though it's not their fault. It's a sad, tragic death, but I think it's also wrong to blame TAS for the death. Cheong was a good, young triathlete. You cannot expect him to have a heart attack. He was young, fit and good (how many of you can finish a traithlon, much less finish 6th). It's a senseless, tragic death but let's not compund it by trying to blame innocent parties as well.

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