Sunday, June 10, 2007

Comics this week

Countdown 47- As far as I can tell, Paul Dini is a very good comic book writer. He's not Alan Moore, but then most writers aren't. But what the hell was he thinking of here? Black Adam, the man who almost destroyed the world...gave up his powers? Gave them up! It's almost as bad as Captain America just giving up at the end of Civil War. What utter nonsense! It's Black Adam for god sake! BLACK ADAM! The rest of the storylines seem to be progresing at a relatively satisfying rate, but this Black Adam is so out-of-character it's not even funny. What were you thinking of Paul?

New Warriors #1- I like to give new books a chance to impress me before giving them up. Even books with lame set-up like the New Warriors. This issue was surprising quite good. The lead character, Sofia, was one of the New X-Men who lost her powers on M-day, and recuited into the New Warriors. I like this part where they didn't give you any idea of who the New Warriors were until the very, very end. Very well put together, I'll be here for issue two.

Avengers: The Initiative #3- Dan Slott still haven't figured out how to get this book out of the biggest problem I think he faced so far. The Initiative is the Avengers C-Team (maybe E-Team). They are raw recuits and the Initiative had to bring in "trainers" like the Thing and Black Widow to train them. In this context, if SHIELD had the chance to take down Spiderman, would they send in Komodo? Of course not! Spidey didn't even know who she was. I mean he was right, he faced up to Iron Man before and SHIELD send this grade C Lizard to take him down? This problem need to be address ASAP because it is bringing down an otherwise impressive book.

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