Thursday, July 17, 2014

Comics this week

Magneto #7- After the slow build up, writer Cullen Bunn has been going the action route for the past 2 issues. However that does not mean he has sacrificed what makes this series works; the complex character of Magneto. It's still here but what I especially like about this issue is the fact that Bunn moved the action out of small towns and into the global stage. Magneto has been a global threat and moving him back (slowly) to that stage, China this time, is to me the right thing to do. The shadowy character of Briar Raleigh is also a winner in my view as the question of her loyalty served as a good foil to Magneto. So far; so good.

Ms. Marvel #6- Dungeon Boss: Most Ginormous Alligator Ever; Difficulty Rating: 10; Group Size: Sole. I dared anyone who read the last page of this issue and not find it funny! This issue is funny as hell and writer Willow Wilson has put together a winner here. Hell, Wolverine is almost a non-factor here. That is just how good of a character Kamala Khan is!

Original Sin #6- Finally! After a lackluster #5, writer Jason Aaron get things back on track as Nick Fury reveals his plan to the team he put together. Honestly, I saw it coming but the journey is still fun. I especially like the way Ant Man is shocked that Fury thinks he will be able to do the job of assassinating monsters and aliens just to keep the world safe, and Fury replying that he is more than capable to do it. With Captain America's team now on the scene and Midas on his way there, things looks even more hairy next issue. Not as good as the earlier issues, but much better than #5. 

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