Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Comics this week

Magneto #6- After slowly building up the complexity of Magneto, writer Cullen Bunn now step up the action as Magneto proved to the world that although he isn't the power he once was; he can still dished out the hurt when he put his mind to it. Not only that, he also killed two birds with one stone by recruiting a new Brotherhood at the same time. Older but by no means softer, watch him go on his quest of vengeance. By the same token; watch out for this series. It might be a sleeper hit.

Rai #3- After a less than impressive sophomore issue, writer Matt Kindt and artist Clayton Crain righted the ship as #3 is up to the stunning standards set in the debut issue. The sci-fi aspect of the story now comes with a mysterious twist as the identity of the dead woman in #1 is revealed. Her identity as well as the revelations that there had been other Rais before this one brings into question exactly what Rai is. All that plus an action packed battle that was simply gorgeous! The beauty of that battle was worth the price of the comic itself. Great! 

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