Thursday, July 24, 2014

New IPPT Format

Like most Singaporean guys, I took note of the new IPPT format. Minister for Defense Dr. Ng Eng Hen announced changes to the IPPT format yesterday and under the changes NSmen will now only need to complete three stations; Push Ups, Sit-ups and 2.4 Kilometers run.

According to his Facebook post, Minister Ng says that instead of a passing mark, points will be awarded for each station and the combined points from the 3 stations will be used to see if the person passed or failed. Also there will just be 3 stations instead of 5. This has caused a lot of people to say the new format is easier.

That may be true but I think everyone should wait for an official word from the SAF (Singapore Armed Forces) before saying anything. I say this because I think how “easy” the new format will be would depend a lot on how many points are given even if you fail to pass the stations.

The new passing criteria so far revealed are:
- Do 57 push-ups a minute
- Do 57 sit-ups a minute
- Run 2.4km in 9 minutes and below to pass

Do the 2.4 in 9 minutes and below to pass? It’s a good thing there’s a combine score because a lot of people are going to fail that one. Do 57 push-ups/sit-ups in a minute? I don’t see too many people getting gold for those either.

So before everyone start talking about the Army getting soft, let’s wait till we get the official point system from the SAF. Like they say, the devil is in the details. Doing the 2.4km in 9mins is no joke. 

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