Friday, July 11, 2014

About That Ad...

Okay; let's talk about that ad. You know the one I'm talking about. The much-talked about anti-gambling ad that has been mocked by everyone in Singapore and almost everyone else in the rest of the world. I mean even U.S talk show host Jimmy Fallon got into it.

The ad features a young boy named Andy, who say he will be supporting Germany at the World Cup because his father had bet his savings on them. With Germany the heavy favourites to win it all after destroying Brazil 7-1, Singaporeans say the ad's message has backfired. With all the mocking, Singaporeans are wondering why The National Council for Problem Gambling (NCPG) is refusing to pull the ad.

I think the reason is simple; the ad is working! It got people talking about the NCPG. I mean before this ad, how many Singaporeans even know NCPG existed? Now new agencies throughout the world are talking about them! So despite the somewhat unexpected matter, the ad did managed to do its job. It had helped promote the agency. People now know about it.

So I think it make sense for them not to pull the ad. It is working. It helped promote the agency and its message of the dangers of problem gambling. So I say keep running the ad; it's working. Besides...Germany might lose against Argentina.

(Update: Germany 1, Argentina 0. Good for Andy; too bad for the NCPG.)

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