Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Whining Brazilians

With the semifinals between Brazil and Germany coming on early this morning, I am one of those who think Germany will win. The reason is simple; I find the Brazilians to be unfocused and worse...a bunch of whiners!  

Yes, their star striker Neymar is out injured and their captain Thiago Silva is suspended due to getting too many yellow cards, but enough with all these whining already; just get on with it! Colombia's Juan Zuniga, whose tackle on Neymar took the Brazilian star out of the World Cup, has received death threats and Brazil has even pleaded with FIFA to waive the yellow card of their captain.

Honestly I have read more about the two Brazilian players NOT playing against Germany than I have about the players playing against the Germans. Compared to all the hysterics of the Brazilians, the Germans seem to be quietly focusing on the game.

So I hope the German win. To my view, people who whined less deserved it more. 


Anonymous said...

you got your wish. in trumps too!
3 goals in 3 mins. 5 goals in the first 29 mins. it was a mind-blowing match!! the germans made mincemeat out of the brazilians.
and the walloping was Deserved.

The said...

信不信由你.... 这次世界杯,意大离了,西班哑了、英格烂了、乌拉归了……1/4决赛:哥伦比哑了,法兰熄了,比利失了,哥斯达离家了!照这思路,接下去半决赛:巴熄了,荷烂了,决赛是德国阿根廷。最后:德过了,阿根停了,冠军应该是德国‼️

World Cup 2014 is ending not with a whimper, but with a BANG - Brazil, Argentina, Netherlands, Germany.

Ghost said...

They really missed Thiago Silva. After the second goal, there was just no one there to settle the team. Not really sure if he would have really helped considering how deadly the Germans were but Brazil really missed him.