Thursday, July 31, 2014

Comics this week

Justice League #32- Good news; this issue written by Geoff Johns is much better than the last few issues. Bad news; it's nowhere near as good as it need to be to regain the series' position as DC flagship title. The problem has been pretty obvious ever since Forever Evil finished; the rebuilding of the league post-Forever Evil has been going at a snail's pace. Geoff Johns seem more interested in moving more characters against the JL than focusing on the team itself. Even this issue was more on Jessica Cruz, the new Power Ring and the Doom Patrol than the Justice League. Johns need to stop  that and get back to what made the series work; the interaction of the team itself.

Red Lanterns Annual #1- Once upon a time, annuals were standalone stories to get new readers onto the series. Then the Big Two moved the reason for the annuals as a "special" usually used to finish off a story arc. Nowadays, annuals are not even that. This issue is the penultimate chapter of the “Atrocities" arc and the finish will be done in the Red Lantern series proper. Yes, it's bloody strange. However, as strange as it is, this issue written by Charles Soule and drawn by Miguel Sepulveda is very good. Filled with bloody action, Soule even managed to put some heart-wrenching moments amidst all the action. The loss of one of the Reds was specially great as his loss will change the Red Lanterns forever. Good issue, but it shouldn't be in an annual.  

Sinestro #4- That's it? After 3 issues of saying how dangerous and great the Pale are, that's it? I must say I'm surprised by writer Cullen Bunn's decision to have the Pale lose so badly and so quickly. As they are, Sinestro may just destroy the whole group in...I don't know, a few panels? 

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