Friday, July 25, 2014

Comics this wek

Red Lantern #33- Since taking over the series, writer Charles Soule has been presenting his take on the Red Lanterns. One of his best decisions was to move Atrocities from protagonist to antagonist and the second part of the Atrocities storyline showed what a great decision that was. While Guy Gardner takes some me time and reach out to John Stewart for help; while Bleeze and Zilius Zox tried their best to help Rankorr; the meat of this issue is the wavering loyalty of Skallox. The thing is, you can clearly see why he is having doubts about the upcoming fight. As Atrocitus reveals his plan of attack, you can clearly see why the smart money is on him instead of Guy. I mean Guy actually got rid of Supergirl, the most powerful Red on his side of the divide while Atrocitus...well, see the end of this issue to see what he did. Go, Atrocitus, Go!

Supreme: Blue Rose #1- Welcome everyone to the strangest debut issue this year from the weirdest writer currently in the comics industry (and that’s saying something). When Rob Liefeld first introduced Supreme in the 90s, the character was nothing but an aging, more violent version of Superman; then came Alan Moore! The acclaimed writer retooled Supreme into a series that look back fondly at the Golden and Silver Age of comics. Now writer Warren Ellis is trying his hand at Supreme and to say this is weird is an understatement. This issue is all setup but even by that standard, the issue is strange. Outside some curious name-dropping, Supreme was hardly seen at all. In fact, it’s almost as if Supreme will not be the main character! It’s interesting and the art by Tula Lotay is great but let’s wait and see. 

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