Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Female Thor

The biggest news in the comic world these few days has been the Marvel announcement that they will debut a female Thor who will headline her own Thor series. Fans are up in arms over the gender change with even Avengers director Joss Wheadon chirping in on the matter.

As a long time comic fan, I will tell this to everyone; It’s a terrible idea but there’s no need to be angry about it because it’s just a temporary change to grab sales.

You guys can blame how well Superior Spiderman did for this gender change in Thor. In Spiderman, Peter Parker’s body was taken over by one of his main villains and the shock value of the move boosted sales. Once the shock value worn off and sales went back to normal, Marvel quickly got Peter Parker back into his own body.

So this Thor change is nothing but a cash grab and I’ll be surprised if it last over a year. I mean Marvel had did this change thing to Thor before with Beta Ray Bill, Thunderstrike and a few others taking over as Thor for short periods of time. None of them struck and with the exception of Beta Ray Bill, even comic fans don’t remember most of them.

So cool your jets on this change. I don’t think this female Thor is going to last too long. 

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