Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Israel's Own Goal

Ever since war started between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip, one thing has been obvious; Hamas and the Palestinians has been winning the media war. Even the United States, Israel's one constant ally in the world, has now been showing more and more frustration with the Jewish state.

The reason has been simple. Over 1000 Palestinians has been killed in the conflict and most of them has been civilians. Also Israel has been bombing various infrastructures in the Gaza Strip which has been not involved in the fighting. Schools, hospitals and Gaza's sole power station has been knocked out by Israeli bombs and missiles. Of course, Israel is denying everything, often claiming that Hamas has been firing rockets from these positions.

Then came this live CNN report.

CNN correspondent, Karl Penhaul, was delivering a live report from the Gaza Strip when a building just 200m behind him got bombed by a F-16 fighter jet! Smoke was seen billowing from the sixth floor of the residential building soon after and the whole thing was caught live.

Yes, that includes the fact that no one from Hamas was firing from the building! Man, talk about an own goal. Penhaul quickly reported that the CNN crew has been reporting from the position for a few days already and not once had anyone seen any rockets coming from the building.

All live! Well, so much for the idea that Israel is not targeting civilians in the Gaza Strip. 

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